Arun Jojo

“At Peninsula campus I’m a face of the crowd, not a face in the crowd,” says second year Bachelor of Business Administration student Arun Jojo.

Originally from India, Arun arrived in Australia during 2017 to begin his business degree at Peninsula. Arun’s interest in business developed following a voluntary position he took after finishing high school with Teach for India, an organisation specialising in building a movement of leaders to eliminate educational inequality.

“In the future I want to build my own sustainable school for lesser privileged children,” says Arun. “The Bachelor of Business Administration is the perfect degree for me to be able to do this. I’m majoring in accounting, economics and finance and have the opportunity to study wide range of business subjects that will give me the skills I need to eventually start up my own school.”

Arun is also the president of Peninsula campus’ student union, MONSU.

“I want more than just a great education, I want a rounded university experience” says Arun. “When I came to 新葡萄京官网 I volunteered with MONSU to make friends. I then became the Welfare Officer and stood for the president election at the end of November last year.”

Arun spends around 18 hours per week in his role as president, working with four staff members and ten other student council members.

“My role at MONSU complements the subjects I’m studying and I’m able to put a lot of my business skills into practise.”

One of Arun’s goals as president of MONSU is to enhance the student experience on the campus.

“Learning happens everywhere,” says Arun. “Through our events and weekly social activities I want to help grow and develop students beyond lectures and tutorials. I want everyone to see that being part of MONSU offers a sense of belonging.”

Arun also adds the intimate nature of Peninsula campus helps develop a great sense of family and community amongst students, as well as offering more individualised and personal attention through smaller class sizes.

“It feels great when a lecturer knows my name and I’m able to create a personal relationship with them. It gives me the confidence to ask more questions,” says Arun. “I’ve also been able to get to know students from every faculty; it’s a really supportive environment.”

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